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Tanne Robert F DDS

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315 E Northfield Rd, Livingston, NJ 07039, United States
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Latitude: 40.7712742°
Longitude: -74.3018437°

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+1 973-994-4294

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Reviewed February 28, 2014 21:15
Review rating 1
- Terrible #14236
The worst dentist ever!!! Wished I check out the review before going to this guy for dental works. My wife saw this Robert Tanne a few months ago. During the very first visit, after the full mouth X-ray, Tanne suggested root canal on my wife's molar. That tooth had been fine, not having any pain several years prior to that visit. It just felt sensitive when flossing several years ago. Tanne said root canal would save the tooth. He did not show us any X-ray he took. He did not explain in details why root canal was needed. Thinking of most dentists are honest and professional and never running into a guy like him, my wife and I did not suspect anything wrong and we agreed to do a root canal. Tanne was pressing my wife's mouth so hard, and poking hard with the root canal file so my wife complained. But Tanne said it was normal. A day after the root canal, my wife was starting to have pain and the swollenness around the tooth. The pain got so bad that we had to see Tanne. Got antibiotics that helped some degree. Couple weeks after the root canal, went back to him for the post & core work. A few days after the post work, my wife began to have severe pain again. Again, Tanne prescribed the same antibiotics. It helped little this time. Tanne said would try other antibiotics. If it did not work, then need to see an oral surgeon. We suspected something wrong now. We went to see other dentists who said the pain was most likely caused by the big and deep post Tanne put in. The post very likely caused tooth fracture at the tip of the tooth. All dentists in that office said that it was very dangerous to put in such a big post in the tooth. That technique was obsolete long time ago and no dentist would do that now. When questioned why he put in such a big post, Tanne said because of the large filling. We found out later the large filling he talked about was his own work after the root canal. There was no filling on that tooth before the root canal. Also Tanne put in a permanent crown that was not the right size. He had difficulty in fitting it in so he just grinded it to flat. He also grinded the opposing tooth of the molar to almost flat so that the two teeth almost did not contact each other. By doing that, the patient won't feel any discomfort. We went back to him to request a replacement crown. He just avoided our request. Since he could not figure out why the tooth was hurting, he again suggested my wife to see an oral surgeon to seal the tip of the tooth even though he had no confidence at all that will save the tooth. He refused to pay for an oral surgery when we requested. Other dentists also think he should be responsible for restoring the tooth since he messed it up. He offered to pull the tooth, for free! That's it. No further responsibilities. Now the tooth cannot be saved. He's so LOW. He even touched my wife on her breast twice, on the same spot, during the permanent crown fitting. My wife is in her early 30’s, petite, good looking. His female nurse was never in the same room when Tanne was seeing my wife. We already filed a complaint to the NJ State Dentistry office on this guy. After he got paid by my dental insurance for the root canal, he then filed another claim on the same root canal but just changed the date of service so he got paid again. I found out the problem and called my insurance that is trying to get the money back from this guy. It just makes me wonder how this guy is ever eligible for dentistry practice license in NJ? working a lawsuit on this guy now...
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