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Law Office of Bruce Barket

Overall Rating 3.5
Total votes: 2
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666 Old Country Rd, Garden City, NY 11530, United States
GPS coordinates
Latitude: 40.7429913°
Longitude: -73.6131154°

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Phone number
+1 516-745-0101

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Reviewed February 12, 2013 15:53
Review rating 2
- Poor #104845
In 2011, Barket represented me in a criminal case. After being in correspondence with the FBI, Barket advised me to come back from Singapore to meet with the FBI. He GAVE the FBI and Homeland Security my flight details. Needless to say, I was met at the airport by 30-40 armed federal agents with no Barket in sight. At the bail hearing, Barket was incredibly bad not only not advocating for my release, but actually arguing the Governments case. Needless to say, I was never given bail althoug Barket told me he has had mafia captains with prior records given bail. His fees were astronomical and he extorted my fiance into signing a retainer agreement without my knowledge. He once came into prison complaining about his former partner, Rick Quadrino, and how he needed to make his "nut" of at least $1mm to cover rebuilding his house, getting his kids through private school and of course his country club. He left Quadrino exactly at the time of my trial for my life and was always distant. He rarely visted me in prison. At time of my trial, he brought in Kevin Kearon to prepare me for testimony. Kearon had stolen money from a different case years earlier, and I had met him in the courthouse one day and screamed at him what a scumbag he was. So, Barket brings him in to see me, and Kearon tells me he is not there for me, but at Barket's request. Then he drops a bomb and states that the day I yelled at him, he filed a complaint. Barket wouldn't advocate for me when I needed health care for a ruptured achilles and cancerous growth on my finger, and actually requested to the AUSA and jail that they put me in isolation for suicide watch. He extorted me into agreeing to a plea in which the Government was free to argue for higher prison time anyway. I would have been sentenced to federal guidelines even if I had went to trail. So, he outright lied. At a private prison, GEO in Queens, I did time with a young man who was there for 2.5 years without being sentenced!!! Barket wouldn't even visit him. My advice from firsthand knowledge. Stay as far away from Barket, and stay further away from Kearon unless you like being broke and going to prison for a long time.
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Reviewed November 6, 2010 19:00
Review rating 5
- Excellent #104846

Mr. Barket handled an extremely serious, complex and lengthy federal criminal case for me with remarkable skill, ingenuity and persistence. Despite numerous major setbacks, he always found a way around all the problems that arose. In court he showed an ability to argue brilliantly and think quickly on his feet; out of court he proved to be almost incredibly persuasive, dramatically changing the stance of determined adversaries time and again. Thanks to him, the worst experience of my life had a happy ending.
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