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Columbia University

Overall Rating 4.5
Total votes: 389
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116th St & Broadway, New York, NY 10027, United States
GPS coordinates
Latitude: 40.8075355°
Longitude: -73.9625727°

Contact Information

Phone number
+1 212-854-1754
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Reviews to Columbia University

Reviewed February 8, 2016 16:38
Review rating 1
- Terrible #30591
This school is a joke and waste of students money. I've taken a few classes at Columbia and my experience has been very eye opening. The classes are interesting but the homework and exams are very poorly written by professors or TA who demonstrator their lack of understanding in certain subjects and complete ignorance in others. When confronted with proof of the correct answer they simple say you over thought the question. "Please remain ignorant like us".

I've found MIT to be much more challenging and driven to provide true understanding and knowledge.

I really feel sorry for students wasting their/parents money and receive a second rate education at an extremely high cost, not just in terms of money & money but at the expense of real knowledge.

Most of the reviews I've seen are by brainless idiots writing, reviews like " Great Wifi", "Beautiful campus, "I had a great weekend there"

Seriously, do your research before giving this school your time & money and risking your future.
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Reviewed January 14, 2016 17:17
Review rating 5
- Excellent #30592
Hi my name is oviona peoples i'm in the 9th grade,i'm 14 and i'm looking for a great way to get an educaion and i really think this is for me when i graduate in 2019
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Reviewed November 29, 2015 03:11
Review rating 5
- Excellent #30594
NIce area to visit, and great university. They also have free wifi in public so you can stop by just to check emails!
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Reviewed September 23, 2015 17:08
Review rating 5
- Excellent #30595
Great school and really nice area I go here alot to participate in gigs and everyone seems nice. The school is big and the area is crowdy, but overall the area is cool and they have good food trucks around.
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Reviewed September 2, 2015 12:45
Review rating 5
- Excellent #30593
Columbia offers an enriching and stimulating milieu. The students are thoughtful and curious. The profs are brilliant. The classes are challenging. And the intellectual vibe is radiant. The campus is a beautiful and majestic oasis within the greatest city in the world. In short, there's simply no place on earth that measures up.
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