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Apple Store

Overall Rating 4.3
Total votes: 1225
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Monday: Open 24 hours; Tuesday: Open 24 hours; Wednesday: Open 24 hours; Thursday: Open 24 hours; Friday: Open 24 hours; Saturday: Open 24 hours; Sunday: Open 24 hours;
Time zone: Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) for Apple Store in New York is -5 hours
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Price range: Moderate


767 5th Ave, New York, NY 10153, United States
GPS coordinates
Latitude: 40.7638298°
Longitude: -73.9729635°

Contact Information

Phone number
+1 212-336-1440

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Reviews to Apple Store

Reviewed February 19, 2016 04:11
Review rating 3
- Average #27177
The store is a nice place clean and fun to many out. There are too many staff that just stand around and do nothing. They weren't helpful. The genius bar is supposed to be full of helpful agents but there is a whole table of people waiting for the same five or six staff members that are actually there and not just floating around on the floor.
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Reviewed February 16, 2016 14:58
Review rating 5
- Excellent #27173
Last night I took my 2011 Mac desktop in the snow to see if could be remedied. What I got was the best customer service I ever had in my entire life. Granted I had to wait, but the expert assistance I received from both True and later Glenn, was astounding. Glenn then mentioned that it was now raining, ugh, no umbrella. He promptly found someone (sorry I did not get your name), to carry the box up (in the glass elevator), hum, I didn't think of that on the way down the stairs)!, and to a waiting cab. THIS PLACE ROCKS!!
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Reviewed January 30, 2016 09:52
Review rating 5
- Excellent #27175
Manual, from The Genius Bar, 5th Ave, NYC is a treasure. After I downloaded IOS9, my iPhone5 did not work for over two weeks. Manual, Apple professional and dual language proficient, knew what the problem was in an instant, bless his heart! He was able to fix the problem and I was able to move on, in no time. Thank you, Manual!!!
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Reviewed January 22, 2016 02:36
Review rating 3
- Average #27176
After purchasing a Macbook Pro online, having the money pulled from my account and receiving an email stating everything was good and ready for pickup the impressively undermotivated employee shuffled off and returned empty handed stating I'd have to come back because an error or hold was blocking the order, but she didn't know which nor had the time to expound as she needed to clock out now... On duty Management was equally useless not even making an appearance; only glaring smugly from a safe distance from the now pissed off customer. Now; why 3 stars and not 1? Dewayne, the employee that carries the weight of a flagship store apparently on his shoulders alone, recognized that something had to be possible and made a phone call to an equally motivated employee elsewhere and got the hold removed, explained what it was, offered to help set up the computer, and even took ownership of the shortcomings of the preceding employees. Quite literally earned every star of this review by himself (would have been a 1 star review otherwise)
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Reviewed December 25, 2015 00:10
Review rating 2
- Poor #27174
Jam packed and crazy. This 24/7 store is great for mid night gadget hunters. There is a lot of staff but none are in sync. I got 3 different instructions on where to go for what I was looking for. The last person to help me was rude. If you don't have to go to this location don't!
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